Sharpy’s Beer Run – Frequently Asked Questions

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  • 1. Can I bring my dog or push a pram?

    NO and NO.  The run takes place through State Park therefore dogs are not allowed.  Dogs are also not permitted at the Start / Finish venue.  Pushing a pram on these trails would be impossible.

  • 2. What if I need to cancel / transfer my entry?

    If you want to cancel your entry, you must do so prior to 1st March 2022 by notifying event organisers before close of business on this date.  Please use the CONTACT US link of the website, or Email Your entry fee will be refunded less a $25 administration fee.  After this date, NO refunds will be issued. Up to 10th March 2021 you may transfer your entry to another runner with a $15 admin fee.  To do so, please email us at with the following information:

    • Your name
    • New Runners Name
    • New Runners Address and Postcode
    • New Runner D.O.B
    • New Runner Email address
    • New Runner Mobile number
    • New Runner Emergency contact name and number
    • The new runner is responsible for any additional costs associated with upgrading distance if requested.

    NO REFUNDS after 10th March 2022

    Transfers allowed up to 10th March 2022

    NO transfers accepted after 10th March 2022


  • 3. Can I enter as a team / family / group / clan / commune / tribe or other?

    YES, you can enter a team or join an existing team via race registration online.  The winning team is awarded a case of beer from our delicious event sponsor!

  • 4. How many Aid stations / Water points are on course?

    Water and First Aid will be available at the Start / Finish line and on course, but like all good trail running events it is recommended you plan to support yourself and bring what you need on you.  It is a COMPULSORY requirement that you carry a water bottle / carrying device which you can refill at aid stations.

    10km COURSE - 1 aid station at 5km
    21km COURSE - 3 aid stations @ 5km, 10km and 13.5km

    Again, to emphasize the point above, it is COMPULSORY that you carry a water bottle, or hydration fuel belt / back pack to keep yourself sufficiently hydrated.  As the courses are within a state park, we will NOT be providing cups.  Aid station volunteers will assist in refilling any water carrying devices.

  • 5. Will I need to bring my own water bottle / hydration vest / drinking device or other equipment?

    YES.  You must carry a hydration device (eg. water bottle, hand-held, fuel belt, hydration vest / pack).  Water will be available to refill your device at all aid stations.  NO cups will be available due to the environmental impact, and the potential for litter.

    We STRONGLY advise that you carry a mobile phone and a compression bandage in the event of injury or snake bite.

  • 6. Is there a cut off time?

    YES.  The event cut off time is 2pm.  This allows 4hrs for the 21km runners, and 3.5hrs for the 10km runners.  A sweeper will be deployed onto the course at the appropriate time, and runners who are unable to stay ahead of, or with the sweeper will be transported back to the finish line.  This is for the safety of all concerned.

  • 7. What do I get with my entry?
    • ALL finishers will receive a righteous MEDAL and 2 delicious Mornington Peninsula LAGERS!
    • A truly spectacular course around the summit of Arthurs Seat overlooking the stunning Mornington Peninsula
    • A fully marked and signposted course
    • Aid stations, medical and emergency support
    • Professional Timing chip and results
    • Eligibility to receive spot prizes
  • 8. Are there toilets / showers at the finish line?

    Toilets are located at the Start / Finish area and at the 5km point for both the 10km and 21km course.  There are NO showers at the finish line.

  • 9. Will I need trail running shoes for this event?

    Not necessarily, but good shoes with a little more grip would be recommended.

  • 10. Is there plenty of parking on-site at the Start / Finish venue?

    Yes, there is parking onsite, however if you arrive late it may be tight.  Car Parking is managed by the local LIONS CLUB, and we ask that you make a gold coin donation.  Seawinds Gardens is 3km away at the top of Arthurs Seat, and extra parking is here, but you will have to walk to the start line.  Please try to carpool with fellow runners as much as possible.

  • 11. Is there a bag drop?

    NO.  The Start / Finish line is within 200 metres of the car parking areas.

  • 12. When do I receive my Race Pack?

    Race Packs will be available for pick up from 9am on the day.  No Race packs will be posted.

  • 13. Will there be beer available at the Start / Finish venue?

    Does a Bear s#@t in the woods?!!

  • 14. Can I bring my own beer, wine or other alcohol to this event?

    No. There is no BYO. We have plenty of everything for you.

  • 15. What if I’ve never done a trail run before… Will I be able to complete this event?

    The 10km course is nice introduction to trail running.  Nothing too scary on that course, but still some great trail, amazing views and a bunch of silliness.  If you are thinking of tackling the 21km course, we recommend you have at least tried some trail running, done some training on hills and are at least mildly confident about running 21kms.

  • 16. Am I likely to get lost?

    The trail will be well marked, and road / course marshals will provide direction along the way.  Follow the markings and guidance, and you will follow the path of righteousness towards the amber nectar of the gods (aka BEER).

  • 17. What do I do with my rubbish while on course?

    CARRY IT WITH YOU.  There will be bins available at each aid station and the Start / Finish area.  The trails are sacred.  Do NOT even contemplate dropping your rubbish / gel wrappers, etc.  Any runner caught littering will be automatically disqualified and will be removed from the race register, and prevented from entering any future events.  The trail is our Church. Don’t mess with our Church.

  • 18. Is the course fast? i.e. am I likely to run a PB on this course?

    No. The 10km course is somewhat fast for a trail run, but the 21km course is gonna suck the life out of your half marathon PB.

  • 19. Are there prizes awarded for place getters?

    Yes. Not telling what they are…

  • 20. Can I wear my iPod or similar music device on the course?

    NO YOU CAN NOT.  For your own safety you need to be able to hear instructions from our road / course marshals.

  • 21. What happens if bad weather is predicted?

    Your safety is our #1 priority.  The event will proceed in all weather conditions with the exception of severe fire danger in Arthurs Seat State Park, as directed by Parks Victoria.  In the event of declared severe fire danger, event organisers will liaise with Parks Victoria for a final ruling on safety.  Notification will be posted on the event facebook page.  If the event is cancelled due to weather, entries will be transferred to the alternate date of Saturday 20th March 2021. Event management apologises if the alternate date is not suitable for some, however the cost of subsequently rescheduling the race prohibits refunds. We are at the mercy of the weather. Event management will consult with Main Ridge CFA and Parks Victoria for consolidation of fire danger evacuation plans.

  • 22. Can I change event distance?

    YES.  If you wish to upgrade from the 10km to the 21km distance you may do so up until 10th March, 2022.  You will be required to pay the price difference.  Use the CONTACT US link of the website, or email

    If you wish to downgrade from the 21km to the 10km, you may do so at no charge, but you MUST notify event organisers prior to 10th March, 2022 so timing chip adjustments can be made.

    Transfers can be processed on the day at a fee of $25.  Please arrive early to allow us enough time to make the changes in the timing system.

  • 23. Can I enter on the day?

    Limited entries MAY be available on the day due to late withdrawals.

    These will be sold on a FIRST IN BASIS.

    Please do not call or email us requesting we 'put a bib aside'.  We will not hold bibs for on the day entrants.  First in, first served.

    The event has a strict field capacity, and this will be strictly adhered to.  Race management assumes no responsibility if you drive down to the event and miss out on an entry.

  • 24. Can I volunteer for this event?

    YES PLEASE.  These events don't exist without the support of volunteers.  There will be many volunteer roles available such as course marshals, registration, aid stations, etc.  ALL volunteers will automatically receive a free entry for themselves or a family member, for the following year.  If you would like to register to volunteer, please click the link on the home page.

  • 25. Is there public transport to / from the event?

    Unfortunately NO.

  • 26. Is there nearby accommodation?

    YES.  As a prime holiday destination, the Mornington Peninsula offers spectacular accommodation throughout the wine regions as well as nearby Dromana, Rosebud and Red Hill.  Google will help you with this one.