#12DoXSale – DAY 3

12 Days of Xmas – DAY 3


Today we welcome to the table two new partners: THIR Australia (@thiraustralia) and RunWay Running (@runway.running), Sharpy’s Beer Run is back offering a couple of Free Stickers with every entry (PLUS a Free SBR THIR!) and VFuel’s discount continues to climb, with 13% off the ever-popular Fudge Brownie.

PLUS: Share the daily #12DoXSale sale along with this Hashtag, and go in the draw for a massive end-of-sale prize pool. Every share counts, so don’t be shy!
/// 1. trailology.com.au // Sharpy’s Beer Run continue their #CampaignOfAwesome, offering a couple of free stickers with every entry. That’s ON TOP of the free SBR THIR that comes with the first 200 entries. Have you heard that they got a liquor license FOR THE AID STATIONS?!?!? Yep, Beer AT THE AID STATION! Head to trailology.com.au to register, no code needed.
/// 2. vfuelaustralia.com // @VFuelAustralia are offering 13% off the ever-popular Fudge Brownie Endurance Gel. No code needed, discounts already applied.
/// 3. runwayrunning.com // No code needed, just mention “12DoX” and they’ll fix you up. @Runway.Running are offering an incredible 50% off their programs. New on the scene but brought to you by the very well established mob behind @endurancebootcamp, you’ll be seeing Runway shirts at events everywhere in no time.
///4. thiraustralia.com // No code needed. @THIRAustralia, the team that supply the awesome multifunctional headwear to events like SBR, TwoBays, Wonderland Run and some of the best Trailrunning Groups in the country, are offering a few dollars off their @runindia THIRbands. RunIndia, for those that have been living under a rock, was the brainchild of Samantha Gash, who recently completed her RUN ACROSS INDIA! Proceeds from the sale of these #runningforchange @runindia THIRbands** will go towards funding six education focused World Vision programs across India.
That’s all for today, but remember to share the love and tune in each day to see what other awesome deals we’ve managed to find for you!

#12DoXSale – DAY 1


Sharpy’s Beer Run in conjunction with our buddies at VFuel, Footpro, Tour de Trails, are pumped to bring you 12 cracking days of Christmas running cheer!

Remember, these deals are for ONE DAY ONLY so don’t miss the boat.

PLUS: Share the daily #12DoXSale sale along with this Hashtag, and go in the draw for a massive end-of-sale prize pool. Every share counts, so don’t be shy!



CHECK OUT THE ONLINE SHOP or take your feet over there!

Footpro Malvern, 14 Glenferrie Rd

Malvern, VIC, 3144

Ph: 03 9509 9199


Rego for 2017 Sharpy’s Beer Run Opens Friday July 1st @ 7pm!!

FREE THIR band for 1st 200 entrants!

That’s right, registration for the 2017 edition of Sharpy’s Beer Run opens at 7pm on Friday 1st July!!

You can enter by following this link to our entry page, event details are listed below.  Don’t miss out!

Saturday 18th March 2017
The Pig & Whistle Tavern

365 Purves Rd, Main Ridge VICTORIA

**10km / 21km TRAIL RUN**