**SBR 2023 is a GO - SATURDAY APRIL 15.**


Off the back of popular demand Sharpys Beer Run is back again for 2023.

This year promises to be another fun event and what better way is there for you all to celebrate surviving another school holiday break.

You can still choose to run your favourite 10km or 21km course and while you're out there you can grab a beer and enjoy your surroundings at all of the checkpoints. Yes, just like last year, we will have beer at every checkpoint thanks to our great sponsors Mornington Breweries. Starting and finishing at The Pig and Whistle in Arthurs Seat you'll get to meander through a beautiful, coastal state park as you enjoy the scenery and silliness this race has to offer. Every entry include two free cans and for those who enjoy a beer but not the alcohol no need to worry. We have you covered, there will be plenty of alcohol free options available.

And if you don't want to have a drink, the is A'ok, we love you all no matter what and everyone is welcome to come join us (as long as you are 18 years or older).

REMINDER ** This is a cup free event **

Competitor Handbooks for 2023 are ready to download. CLICK HERE.

Saturday 15th April 9.00am The Pig & Whistle Tavern

**10km / 21km TRAIL RUN**

Trailology [treyl’oh lu jee]

Noun - Trademark philosophy of the Church of Trailology, a nondenominational movement founded in Australia in 2015, which emphasizes knowledge, appreciation, devotion, and love for trail running.


-Trail (middle english) (noun) - a path or track made across a wild region, over rough country, or the like, by passage of people and animals

-‘ology (noun) - any science or branch of knowledge

Derived Forms  - Trailologist, Trailism, Trailistic, Trailcentric


SBR 21km Course Bottle Top